Small Community Air Service Program

Northwest Mountain Regional Airports Division

This program was established under section 203 of AIR-21 for the purpose of improving air carrier service to airports not receiving sufficient air carrier service. Candidate communities, or consortia of communities, for participation in the program is limited to those communities where the airport is not larger than a primary small hub (based on calendar year 1997 data), the service is insufficient, and the air fares to the community are unreasonably high. The participation limit for communities or consortia of communities is 40, with no more than four being located in the same State.

The Small Community Air Service Program is no longer a pilot program, and has been extended to 2015. There is still a limit of a one-time grant for any given proposal. However, a community may submit a different proposal for funding consideration. Finally, like all Federal funds, grantees must use the money in a timely manner.

You may review prior year publication notices and proposals on

The Small Community Air Service Development Program is administered by the DOT, US Air Carrier Licensing Division. If you have questions about this program, please contact Ms. Brooke Chapman at (202) 366-0577.


Last updated: Tuesday, August 2, 2022