Procurements made under the Airport Improvement Program shall comply with required Federal provisions established by various laws and statutes. The requirements for the provisions will vary depending on the type and size of the procurement action. Typically, procurement actions under the AIP fall within three categories: (1) Construction Development, (2) Equipment Acquistions, and (3) Professional Services (A/E) Contracting. Application of a certain provision also depends on established contract dollar thresholds. Note that exceeding several contract dollar thresholds causes additional provisions to be required in Sponsor contracts in each category of contract. These additional provisions are listed following the general provisions that apply to each category of contract.

The following categories list the required Federal provisions and their application:

Engineering Guidance

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National Policy and Guidance

Procurements made under the Airport Improvement Program must adhere to the provisions outlined in Title 49 CFR Part 18.36. This regulation provides for policies and procedures to be applied to typical procurement actions under the AIP, such as construction development, equipment purchases, and selection for professional services (engineering consultants etc.)

The FAA is not a party to the contracts a grantee/sponsor executes in support of the AIP. The grantee is the contractual authority for establishing and administering the contract agreements and is responsible for all contractual matters, including evaluation and award of contract, resolution of claims and disputes, and settlement of litigation issues.