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FAA Airport Compliance Manual — Order 5190.6B


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September 2009

Order 5190.6B sets forth policies and procedures for the FAA Airport Compliance Program. It provides basic guidance for FAA personnel in interpreting and administering the various continuing commitments airport owners make to the United States as a condition for the grant of federal funds or the conveyance of federal property for airport purposes. The Order discusses the obligations set forth in the standard airport sponsor assurances, addresses the application of the assurances in the operation of public-use airports, and facilitates interpretation of the assurances by FAA personnel.

You can access the complete Order 5190.6B or, using the index below, individual Chapters and Appendices.

Coversheet and Table of Contents

Coversheet and Table of Contents (PDF)

Part I: Background

  • 1.1. Purpose
  • 1.2. Audience
  • 1.3. Where Can I Find this Order?
  • 1.4. Cancellation of Order 5190.6A
  • 1.5. Introduction
  • 1.6. Scope
  • 1.7. Background
  • 1.8. Compliance Program Background
  • 1.9. Sources of Airport Sponsor Federal Obligations
  • 1.10. FAA Authority to Administer the Compliance Program
  • 1.11. through 1.14. reserved

Part II: Types of Federal Agreements

Part III: Complaint Resolution

Part IV: Airports and Aeronautical Users

Part V: Financial Responsibilities

Part VI: Land Use

Part VII: Releases and Property Reversions

Appendices, References, & Index

Appendix A - Airport Sponsors Assurances (PDF)

Appendix B - Reserved (PDF)

Appendix C - Advisory Circulars on Exclusive Rights and Minimum Standards for Commercial Aeronautical Activities (PDF)

Appendix D - Policy Regarding Airport Rates and Charges (PDF)

Appendix E - Policies and Procedures Concerning the Use of Airport Revenue (PDF)

Appendix E-1 - Factors Affecting Award of Airport Improvement Program (AIP) Discretionary Grants (PDF)

Appendix F - 14 CFR Parts 13 and 16 (PDF)

Appendix F-1 - Part 16 Decisions (Case Files) (PDF)

Appendix F-2 - Reserved (PDF)

Appendix F-3 - Sample Part 16 Corrective Action Acceptance (PDF)

Appendix G - Formal Compliance Inspection (PDF)

Appendix G-1 - Sample Airport Noncomplaince List (ANL) (PDF)

Appendix H - Sample Audit Information (PDF)

Appendix I - SPA Reg. 16 (PDF)

Appendix J - DoD Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) (PDF)

Appendix J-1 - Airport Joint Use Agreement for  Military Use of Civilian Airfields (PDF)

Appendix K - Part 155—Release of Airport Property from Surplus Property Disposal Restrictions (PDF)

Appendix L - Reserved (PDF)

Appendix M - Reserved (PDF)

Appendix N - Reserved (PDF)

Appendix O - Sample Minimum Standards for Commercial Aeronautical Activities (PDF)

Appendix P - Sample Airport Rules and Regulations (PDF)

Appendix Q - Reserved (PDF)

Appendix R - Airport Layout Plan (ALP) (PDF)

Appendix S - FAA Weight-Based Restrictions at Airports (PDF)

Appendix T - Sample FAA Letter on Replacement Airport (PDF)

Appendix U - Sample Joint-Use Agreement (PDF)

Appendix V - Sample Deed of Conveyance (PDF)

Appendix W - Reserved (PDF)

Appendix X - 14 CFR Part 161 (PDF)

Appendix Y - Reserved (PDF)

Appendix Z - Definitions and Acronyms (PDF)

References (PDF)

Index (PDF)

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