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United States Department of TransportationUnited States Department of Transportation

Order 5190.6B - FAA Airport Compliance Manual - Change 2 (consolidated)

Document Information

FAA Airport Compliance Manual - Change 2 (consolidated)
Date issued
Office of Primary Responsibility
ACO-100, Airport Compliance and Management Analysis, Airport Compliance Division
Access restriction
  • Change 2 to Order 5190.6B, Airport Compliance Manual (Consolidated Document - revised) (PDF)

    Provides guidance to FAA personnel on interpreting and administering the continuing commitments airport sponsors make to the U.S. Government when they accept grants of federal funds or federal property for airport purposes. The handbook (i) analyzes the various federal obligations in legislatively mandated airport sponsor assurances, (ii) addresses the nature of the assurances and the application of the assurances in the operation of public use airports, and (iii) facilitates interpretation of the assurances by FAA personnel. Revised file corrects an administrative error and returns Appendix Z to its original content from 2009 (4/2023).

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Cancelled documents
Number Title Date
5190.6A Airport Compliance Requirements 1989-10-02