Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information from FAA

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is proactively taking steps to help address the widespread economic and health effects that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on the aviation industry. The FAA continues to evaluate a large number of requests from across all aviation industry sectors to help address COVID-19-related effects.

To date, FAA has taken the following actions and provided the following guidance:

Vaccine Transport

The COVID-19 Vaccine Air Transport Team addresses potential aviation issues and outcomes within FAA's scope of responsibility in the following key areas:

  • Risk Management
  • Airworthiness
  • Flight Operations
  • Aeromedical
  • Air Traffic Control/Airspace Management
  • Airport Operations
  • Carriage of Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Materials
  • Communication/Collaboration
  • Global Leadership

Regulatory Updates

  • Extension of Minimum Slot Usage Requirements
  • FAA Amends Cargo Exemptions
  • Extended Air Carrier Training Exemptions
  • Clarifying information for Airmen Using Medical Certificate Duration Relief
  • Second Amendment to Special Federal Aviation Regulation (SFAR) 118
  • Amendment of Air Carrier Training Exemptions
  • FAA Extends Flight Attendant Exemption
  • FAA Amends Exemption for Certain Air Ambulance Personnel
  • New Cargo Exemption, Amendment to Existing Cargo Exemption
  • Amendment to Special Federal Aviation Regulation (SFAR) 118
  • Updated CARES Act FAQs
  • Exemption for Transporting Cargo on Airplane Seats
  • Exemption for Certain Air Ambulance Personnel
  • Relief for Certain Persons and Operations during the COVID-19 Outbreak
  • Temporary Control Tower Hour Adjustments
  • FAA extends AIP Application Deadlines
  • Drone Use for Response Efforts
  • Flight Attendant Exemption
  • Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES) Airport Program
  • Additional Pilot Medical Certificate Exemptions
  • Air Carrier Training Exemptions
  • Pilot Medical Certificates
  • Airport Slot-Use Waivers
  • Temporary Parking of Overflow Aircraft
  • Airport Certification Safety Inspections

Guidance and Resources

  • Use of COVID-19 Vaccines by Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers
  • Transporting Dry Ice
  • Enforcement Discretion for Random Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Updated Health Guidance for Air Carriers and Crews
  • FAA Issues Guidance about Flexibly Managing Scheduled Maintenance Requirements Due to COVID-19
  • FAA Issues Guidance on Operations in Terminal Airspace
  • Runway to Recovery: Government publishes national strategy for air transportation system recovery
  • FAA issues guidance on operations in oceanic airspace
  • Updated Guidance for Airport Sponsors Considering COVID-19 Restrictions or Accommodations
  • Cargo Guidance for Safety Inspectors
  • Cargo Transportation Guidance
  • Flexible Air Traffic Control Schedule
  • Information for Airport Sponsors
  • Guidance to FAA Inspectors
  • FAA Construction Projects
  • Airport Construction Projects
  • Airport Improvement Program
  • Aviation Maintenance Technician Schools
  • COVID-19 Information
  • Sharing Heath Safety Messages
  • Pilot Oxygen Mask Requirements
  • Expanded Drone Operations
  • Puerto Rico Flight Restriction Request
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Guidance for States, Localities, and Territories Considering Air Transportation Restrictions

2020 CARES Act

COVID Resources from Airlines

Other Government Resources

For a list of information and news from the FAA regarding the Coronavirus, please visit the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update.

Last updated: Wednesday, November 9, 2022