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Southwest Flight 2294

July 13, 2009

Indianapolis Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) Audio Various Positions

R21 (UTC 2119-2134)

R26 (UTC 2135-2201)

R84 (UTC 2123-2139)

R94 (UTC 2128-2143)

R96 (UTC 2132-2149)

RA21 (UTC 2119-2134)

RA26 (UTC 214422010)

RA84 (UTC 2123-2139)

RA94 (UTC 2128-2143)

RA96 (UTC 2141-2148)

Charleston, West Virginia Airport Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) Audio

South Radar (UTC 2153-2203) and Local Control (UTC 2203-2214)

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