Radiobiology Research Team

Download a free copy of CARI-6

Those who have downloaded an earlier version of the CARI program are advised to refresh the page (press F5 key in Microsoft Internet Explorer) before downloading a new copy. The "refresh" will keep the browser from using a cached copy of the file.

1. Decide where to download and unzip the files. If you use a preexisting folder/directory skip to step 2. To create a new folder/directory:

  • From the Desktop, double left-click on My Computer.
  • Double left-click on desired hard disk drive (e.g., C:).
  • Left-click on File.
  • Move mouse to New and left-click on Folder on menu that appears.
  • Right-click on New Folder.
  • Left-click on Rename on menu that appears.
  • Type in desired name of folder/directory (e.g., CARI-6) and press .

2. Download CARI-6

3. Choose Save this file to disk then left-click on OK.

4. In the Save As window:

  • in the Save in field, left-click on drive with destination folder/directory chosen in step 1.
  • double left-click on name of folder/directory chosen in step 1
  • left-click on File name field and type in cari6exe.exe.
  • left-click on Save.

The downloaded file will be a compressed (ZIP) file, which will self-extract when run. To start the self-extraction, run CARI6EXE from the drive and folder/directory previously selected. In the Unzip to folder: field replace the default folder/directory (e.g.,C:\\tmp) with the drive and folder/directory you chose and left-click on unzip.

If you are unable to download and unzip CARI-6 with these instructions, send us a mailing address (not a P.O. Box), telephone number, and the name of the operating system you are using.

Please email us if you would like additional information about CARI-6.

Last updated: Tuesday, May 28, 2013