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CARI-6M allows for much more freedom and accuracy when defining the flight path than does CARI-6. CARI-6M calculates the effective dose of galactic cosmic radiation received by an individual (based on an anthropomorphic phantom) on an aircraft flying a user-specified route. The main differences between CARI-6 and CARI-6M are:
  1. CARI-6 assumes the shortest route (a geodesic) between origin and destination airports. With CARI-6M, the user enters a route consisting of waypoints (geographic coordinates and altitudes) and the program assumes the shortest route between each successive pair of waypoints.
  2. After the first en route altitude, CARI-6 combines time climbing or descending to a new en route altitude with time spent at that new altitude. CARI-6M calculates the radiation dose received during any change in altitude.

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