Carla Hackworth, Ph.D., Manager

Under the guidance of the Federal Air Surgeon, the Aerospace Human Factors Research Division at the Civil Aerospace Medical Institute conducts research that focuses on improving individual system effectiveness, efficiency, and safety. Located at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center in Oklahoma City, a major emphasis of the division is its focus on improving human performance through enhanced equipment design. Interface design, organizational effectiveness, and validation of selection procedures are among the factors investigated at the facility.

General Aviation and Air Traffic Control are two of the broad interest areas of the researchers in the division. Some of the researchers use simulators to test hypotheses and conduct experiments. Conducting experiments in a laboratory environment allows the researchers to control the factors they wish to investigate. Furthermore, research is also conducted at actual worksites, with the focus being on field and observational studies.

Within Aerospace Human Factors Research, there are two laboratories, the Flight Deck Human Factors Research Laboratory and the NAS Human Factors Safety Research Laboratory, that conduct research, and five active simulators to support that research.