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Aerospace Medicine Technical Reports

FAA Office of Aerospace Medicine
Civil Aerospace Medical Institute

Report No: DOT/FAA/AM-15/1

Title and Subtitle: Index to FAA Office of Aerospace Medicine
Reports: 1961-2014

Report Date: January 2015

Authors: Collins WE, Wayda ME

Abstract: An index to Federal Aviation Administration Office of Aerospace Medicine Reports (1964-2014) and Civil Aeromedical Institute Reports (1961-1963) is presented for those engaged in aviation medicine and related activities. The index lists all FAA aerospace medicine technical reports published from 1961 through 2014: chronologically, alphabetically by author, and alphabetically by subject.

An introduction describes recently expanded capabilities for impact testing, aircraft cabin simulator research, portable hypoxia demonstration, and advanced flight simulation.

Key Words: Aerospace Medicine, Research Reports, Office of Aerospace Medicine, Civil Aerospace Medical Institute, CAMI, Human Factors

No. of Pages: 103

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