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United States Department of Transportation United States Department of Transportation

Forms Management Officers (FMO) by Organization

FAA Forms Management Officers
OPR Area of Operation FMO Email
AFN Staff Office Finance and Management Joy Wolf
ABA Financial Services Joy Wolf
ACQ Acquisition and Business Services Joy Wolf
AIT Information & Technology Services Joy Wolf
AMC Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center (MMAC) Pamela Graham
AHR Staff Office Human Resource Management Robert Shaw
AJO Line of Business Air Traffic Organization (ATO) Meggan Thompson
AJG Management Services Meggan Thompson
AJI Safety and Technical Training Meggan Thompson
AJM Program Management Organization Meggan Thompson
AJR System Operations Services Angella Martin
AJT Air Traffic Services Meggan Thompson
AJV Mission Support Services Kelly Tehan
AJW Technical Operations Jackie White
ANG Staff Office NextGen Rachel Crawford
APL Staff Office Policy, International Affairs & Environment Amy Poore
AAL Alaska Region Amy Poore
AEA Eastern Region Amy Poore
ARP Line of Business Airports Janel Showalter
ASH Line of Business Security and Hazardous Materials Safety Sharon Hunt
AVS Line of Business Aviation Safety (AVS) Kim Chau
AAM Aerospace Medicine Sharon Turmin-Hall
AFS Flight Standards Service Michelle Ross
AIR Aircraft Certification Service Monica Caldwell
AOV Air Traffic Safety Oversight Daniel Campbell
AQS Quality, Integration & Executive Services Kelly Batherwich
AUS Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Integration Office Teresa Cavender
AVP Accident Investigation & Prevention Rita Cummings
ODA Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) Office, AVS-60 Celimarie Fandino


Office of Primary Responsibility. The program office that owns a form for its entire lifecycle of development, management, maintenance, production, distribution, and cancellation. The OPR issues the policy that prescribes a form's use.
Forms Management Officer. The point of contact for all forms-related activity within their designated area of operation. LOB and SO FMOs are the default POCs for all component offices within their organizations if the listed component FMO is unavailable.
Flight Standards District Office (FSDO)
FSDOs have oversight of FAA airspace, airport, and aircraft activity for their geographic locations and may issue special forms and temporary permits for use in localized areas, such as for flyovers, military maneuvers, air shows, rocket launches, etc. These forms are not maintained in the FAA Forms website as they are of a temporary nature. Contact your local FSDO to inquire about forms under their area of authority. FSDO locator tool.
FAA Logistics Center (FAALC) Customer Care Center (CCC)
Contact the CCC at phone number (405) 954-3793 to order or reprint stocks of printed forms and provide the following information:
  1. Form Number
  2. Form Title
  3. National Stock Number (NSN)
  4. Supply Support Code (SSC)
  5. Facility Type
  6. Location ID (routing symbol, building, and room)
  7. A point of contact (name and telephone number)

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