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Number Title Status Office Date
AC 8050-3 Certificate of Aircraft Registration [ Postal ] Active AFB-700 2010-10-01
AC 8050-108 PC, Postal, White, Expiration Notice Regarding Reserved Aircraft Registration Number Active AFB-700 2005-08-01
AC 8050-41 Notice of Recordation - Aircraft Security Conveyance Active AFB-700 2012-04-01
AC 8050-88 Affidavit of Ownership for Amateur-Built and Other Non-Type Certificated Aircraft Active AFB-700 2023-08-01
AC 8050-5 Dealer's Aircraft Registration Certificate Application Active AFB-700 2023-11-15
AC 8050-6 Dealer's Aircraft Registration Certificate Active AFB-700 2008-05-01
AC 8050-117 Flight Hours for Corporations Not U.S. Citizens Active AFB-700 2012-01-01
AC 8050-64 Assignment of Special Registration Numbers Active AFB-700 2005-05-01
AC 8050-30 Special Number Expiration Notice [ Postal] Active AFB-700 2007-11-01
AC 8050-56 Aircraft Registration Assignment Active AFB-700 1979-06-01
AC 8050-135 FAA Entry Point Filing Form for the International Registry Active AFB-700 2023-11-15
AC 8050-1 Aircraft Registration Application Active AFB-700 2024-04-24
AC 8050-4 Certificate of Repossession of Encumbered Aircraft Active AFB-700 2023-10-26
AC 8050-2 Aircraft Bill of Sale Active AFB-700 2023-10-26
AC 8050-98 Aircraft Security Agreement Active AFB-700 2023-08-01
AC 8050-1B Aircraft Registration Renewal Application Active AFB-700 2023-11-15
AC 8050-88A Affidavit of Ownership Light-Sport Aircraft Manufacturer's Active AFB-700 2023-08-01
AC 8050-72 Export Certificate Number Assignment Card Active AFB-700 1978-10-01