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Number Title Status Office Date
AC 8060-55 Change of Address Notification Active AFB-720 2017-08-28
AC 8060-1 FAA Airman Certificate Active AFS-760 2003-03-01
AC 8060-56 Application for Replacement of Lost, Destroyed, or Paper Airman Certificate(s) Active AFB-720 2022-03-28
FAA 8060-10 FAA Records Request Active AFS-200 2005-10-01
FAA 8060-14 Pilot Consent/Revocation for Air Carrier Access to Pilot Records Database Active AFS-900 2021-11-10
AC 8060-68 Request for Copies of my Complete Airman File Active AFB-720 2018-09-14
FAA 8060-13 National Driver Register Records Request (PRIA) Active AFS-900 2005-04-01
FAA 8060-11 Air Carrier and Other Records Request Active AFS-200 2005-10-01
AC 8060-71 Verification of Authenticity of Foreign License and Medical Certification Active AFB-720 2023-05-18
FAA 8060-15 Pilot Records Database Pilot Record Dispute Active AFS-900 2022-06-08
AC 8060-72 FOIA Request for Copies to 3rd Party Active AFB-720 2023-06-27
FAA 8060-4 Temporary Airman Certificate Active AFS-800 1979-08-01
FAA 8060-5 Notice of Disapproval of Application Active AFS-800 1982-04-01
FAA 8060-8 Airman Stop Order Active AGC-200 1976-01-01
AC 8060-15 Record of Diligent Search Active AFS-760 1994-10-01
AC 8060-65 Tri-Fold Carrier for Airman Certificate Active AFS-760 2016-06-13
AC 8060-66 Air Traffic Control Credential Active AFS-760 2006-02-01
AC 8060-67 Request for Change of Certificate Number Active AFB-720 2017-08-28
FAA 8060-12 Authorization for Release of DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Records Under PRIA and Maintained under Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR) Part 40 Active AFS-200 2004-08-01
FAA 8060-74 Aeronautical Information Specialist Active AFS-760 2014-06-27
FAA 8060-7 Airman's Authorization for Written/Knowledge Test Active AFS-810 2012-02-01
AC 8060-75 UAS Card Stock Active AFS-760 2016-06-13
AC 8060-73 Mechanic and Repairmen Certificate Active AFS-760 2012-08-01
AC 8060-69 Request for Copies of my Complete Airman File to be Released to a Third Party Active AFB-720 2018-09-14