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In 2016, the FAA launched the External Data Access initiative (EDAi) to increase and improve the public's access to FAA data. The intent of this initiative is to spur innovation, provide better opportunities for the development of new applications and services, and ultimately, advance the safety and efficiency of the aviation industry.

The FAA is dedicated to providing the public with a wide variety of data, in formats best suited for pilots, developers, and other stakeholders alike. The first phase of the initiative focuses on the release of the FAA's aeronautical data, including digital downloads of chart and data products, and web services for product and underlying data APIs. Subsequent phases of the initiative will add other FAA data domains, such as safety, flight, etc.

Welcome to the FAA's Data Innovation Center

We've got the data, you've got the fresh ideas. Let's bring them together.

This Data Innovation Center is your central location to access the FAA's aeronautical data and products. We also provide you with opportunities to subscribe to data updates, connect and collaborate with other parties interested in innovating with FAA aeronautical data, ask a question, and report a problem with the data or products.

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