Aircraft Registration

Request Copies of Aircraft Records

The Aircraft Registration Branch maintains registration records on individual aircraft and serves as a repository for airworthiness documents received from FAA field offices.

Request Records
You can mail or fax your request for aircraft records or Request Copies of Aircraft Records online.

You can order paper copies or electronic copies (on CD-ROM) of aircraft records. Each CD-ROM contains one aircraft record. You can view the CD-ROM files using Adobe Acrobat Reader. We will include a copy of the latest reader on the CD-ROM.

$10.00 per CD ROM (one aircraft record per CD)

$0.10¢ per page (an average paper record has 76 pages)

If required:
$10.00 to certify the record is true and complete (generally only required for court cases)

We will send a billing letter with your aircraft records. There is no charge for copies provided to government offices for use in official duties.

Last updated: Tuesday, June 21, 2022