Aircraft Registration

Record a Security Agreement/Chattel Mortgage

To record your security agreement, send the complete original agreement to the Aircraft Registration Branch.

The security agreement must:

  • give the names of the parties to the agreement
  • contain words which state that the aircraft owner grants the secured party a security interest in the collateral
  • identify the collateral by manufacturer name, model designation, serial number, and N-Number
  • contain the ink signature(s) of the debtor/aircraft owner(s) showing signer's title, as appropriate
  • include a recording fee of $5.00 (U.S. funds) for each item of collateral (aircraft, engine, propeller, or location). Please make the check or money order payable to the Federal Aviation Administration.

Other Items of Collateral

Besides aircraft; engines and propellers capable of more than 550 rated take-off horse power, propellers capable of absorbing more than 750 rated take-off horsepower, and air carrier spare parts locations may be identified as individual items of collateral. Use the manufacturer name, model name, and serial number to describe engines and propellers. Use the address, including city and state, to describe spare parts locations.

AC Form 8050-98

Aircraft Security Agreement (PDF, 63 KB) is a sample form that you are welcome to use if if it meets the needs of the parties and the requirements of the State or other local law having jurisdiction over the transaction.

An Irrevocable De-Registration and Export Request Authorization (IDERA) may be filed for acceptance into an aircraft record that is substantially in the form provided in the annex to the Protocol of the Cape Town Treaty. If the IDERA is not attached to and made a part of the instrument it relates to, it must include sufficient detail to identify that instrument, such as by FAA recordation number, names of parties, and date of document.

Mail Us Your Security Agreement

What We Do

Once we record the security agreement, we will return to the secured party a Conveyance Recordation Notice, AC Form 8050-41. This notice describes the aircraft (and engines, propellers and locations if included), lists the parties and date of the security agreement, and shows the FAA recording number and date of recordation. You may use this form as a release if the secured party signs it and returns it to the Aircraft Registration Branch.

Another acceptable release is a letter signed by the secured party containing the same information and a statement releasing all the secured party's rights and interest in the aircraft, engine, propeller, or location identified as collateral.

For more information, review Information Aid in the Recording of Aircraft Ownership and Security Documents (PDF) or contact the Aircraft Registration Branch.

Registration of interests in eligible U.S. Aircraft & Aircraft Engines with the International Registry

Last updated: Tuesday, June 21, 2022