Aircraft Registration

Registration Status

To check if your aircraft is properly registered for operation in the National Airspace System as stated in the Federal Register on December 9, 2005, FR Doc. O5-23852:

Perform an N-Number inquiry using the FAA Registry N-Number Inquiry feature.

  1. Review the aircraft description to make sure that it matches your aircraft.
  2. Find the field labeled Status and note the status given for your aircraft.
  3. Review the name of the Registered Owner(s) and the registration address shown.
  • If the status shown is Valid, the name of the registered owner is correct, and the registration address is current, then the aircraft is properly registered.
  • If the status shown is Valid but the address is not current, then you must update the address.
  • If the status shown is In Question and the name of owner line lists Sale Reported, then the seller's registration is terminated. The aircraft may not be flown until the current owner makes application for registration.
  • If the status shown is In Question and the name of owner line lists Registration Pending then the seller's registration is terminated, and an application has been made for registration. Registration is pending on the resolution of one or more outstanding requirements. The aircraft is eligible for operation in U.S. airspace during the 90 day temporary authority pending registration (pink-copy authority) and any extension of this period. Outstanding registration requirements as communicated to the applicant by the Aircraft Registration Branch should be addressed as expeditiously as possible.

You can also check the Document Index to see if recently mailed registration documents have arrived at the Aircraft Registration Branch. Arrival of registration documents in the Registry enables confirmation that application for registration has been made and temporary (pink-copy) operating authority is in effect. Processing registration documents related to a change in aircraft ownership averages 16 working days after their receipt.

If a question remains regarding the registration status of your aircraft, you may call the Aircraft Registration Branch toll free at 1-866-762-9434.

Last updated: Tuesday, June 21, 2022