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Aircraft Registry

Releasable Aircraft Database Download

You may download the entire database by selecting the link below. The archive file contains the:

  • Aircraft Registration Master file
  • Aircraft Dealer Applicant file
  • Aircraft Document Index file
  • Aircraft Reference file by Make/Model/Series Sequence
  • Deregistered Aircraft file
  • Engine Reference file
  • Reserve N-Number file

The data in the download is refreshed daily at 11:30 pm central time. The download is delivered in a Comma-Separated Value (.csv extension) format or often referred to as Comma-Delimited. This format was selected due to multitude and availability of tools that can open, read, and manipulate the data. The file is comprised of "Required" and "Permissible" data. Required data is information necessary to meet the minimum Regulatory requirements, while Permissible data is supplement and delivered during the course of users submitting information associated with the forms and documents to fulfill Aircraft registration service requests. Permissible data is therefore, not required, and only recorded when is provided. This is supplemental data was deemed valuable in supporting additional mission benefits, such as research activities. As a result of recording the supplemental data in the database, the fields associated with permissible data, may be blank and should not be considered in error.

Download the Aircraft Registration Database (Zip, 62.9 MB)

Download Documentation (PDF) for file content and configuration.

Aircraft Certificate Expiration Date has been added to the Master Download file.

Yearly Aircraft Registration Database

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