Aircraft Registration

Replacement Aircraft Registration Certificate

A lost or damaged Aircraft Registration Certificate can be replaced by sending a written request.

The request must:

  • Identify the aircraft by Manufacturer Name, Model Designation, N-Number, and Serial Number;
  • Give the reason a replacement is needed, i.e., original is lost, destroyed, or mutilated;
  • Include the $2.00 Replacement Certificate Fee; and
  • Be signed showing the signer's title, if appropriate, and their name typed or printed below the signature.

The request may be sent to the FAA Aircraft Registration Branch by email if the $2.00 fee has already been paid, or if the emailed request states that the fee will be sent by mail. Our email address is You may pay required fees at and include a copy of receipt with your request.

The registration certificate will be mailed to the registration address of record.

  • You may ask for a Temporary Certificate of Registration to be sent by fax. This enables operation of the aircraft until the replacement certificate arrives. Include your fax and voice telephone numbers in the request.
  • The aircraft owner may ask that the replacement certificate be mailed to an alternate address.
  • The aircraft owner may also ask that the replacement certificate be sent by commercial delivery service. An account number or credit card number with expiration date must be provided to pay the commercial delivery costs. The telephone number of the delivery address must also be included. To help us protect your account numbers, please provide your billing information on a separate sheet of paper or by submitting a completed airbill. Both methods must include the delivery address, a telephone number for the delivery location, and a courier account number or credit card number with expiration date to which the commercial delivery costs may be charged.

Mail Us Your Request for a Replacement Aircraft Registration Certificate

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Last updated: Tuesday, June 21, 2022