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Livermore Municipal Airport (LVK)

Livermore Municipal Airport is a small to medium sized GA reliever airport located 25 miles east of San Francisco airport between the cities of Livermore and Pleasanton. It serves private, business and corporate tenants and customers. The airport has two asphalt runways and an asphalt helipad. Other nearby airports include: Byron Airport (12 nautical miles northeast), Hayward Executive Airport (14 nautical miles west), Tracy Municipal Airport (18 nautical miles east), Metropolitan Oakland International Airport (19 nautical miles west), Palo Alto Airport (20 nautical miles southwest) and Moffett Federal Airfield (20 nautical miles southwest).  View a printable document of the LVK information found on this Web page.


Know Before You Go

  • Closely spaced, staggered (1300 feet), parallel RWYs 7R/25L and 7L/25R.
  • Parallel TWYs are located on the north and south sides of the runways.
  • Wrong surface landings are possible issues – be vigilant to ensure proper runway alignment.
  • Cleared for the option clearances will always include the runway number. It is not a clearance to deviate to the other RWY.
  • There have been attempted landings on TWY A from wither RWY 7L or RWY 25R. 
  • Aircraft have also attempted to depart on TWY A instead of RWY 25R.
  • Hot Spots 1 through 5 call out a common runway incursion problem. Aircraft that are taxied to a runway are not cleared to cross any other runway unless specifically cleared to cross.
  • Pilots mistake TWY A for TWY J and inadvertently cross TWY A and taxi onto RWY 7L/25R.
  • Hot Spot 6.  Pilots taxiing out on TWY J sometimes mistake the intersection RWY 7L and TWY G as the end of the runway and fail to make the turn onto TWY A.
  • Hot Spot 1 – RWY 25R run-up areas at TWYS J, A and B have ILS hold markings before aircraft are fully into the run-up area. The only times these ILS critical areas need to be protected is when the ceiling is 800 feet or less or the visibility is two miles or less.

Below find various LVK-specific information and things to be aware of, as well as general information to inform your preflight planning. This will be reviewed quarterly and updated as needed. This information is to supplement the From the Flight Deck Videos that are produced by the FAA Runway Safety Group. Here you will also find information provided by the local air traffic controllers at the airport where you intend to fly. The information is subject to change. Not for navigation or legal* pre-flight action. Always refer to official pre-flight materials such as, but not limited to, NOTAMs, airport diagrams, VFR charts and airport construction notices for the latest airport-specific details.

LVK Tower Administrative Office
Business Phone 925-443-0667
Open 0600 to 1600 – Monday through Friday

General Links

Here are some links to current FAA information.

Some Advisory Circulars for Reference 

Last updated: Friday, August 25, 2023