NextGen is Working

NextGen Benefits

NextGen expects to deliver $160.6 billion in benefits through 2030.*

$39.7 Billion - Airline Benefits

  • $9.4 billion Fuel savings
  • $30.2 billion Reduction in crew and maintenance costs
  • $125 million Additional airline flights

$6.5 Billion - FAA & Industry Benefits

  • $1.4 billion FAA efficiencies (e.g. System Wide Information Management)
  • $5.1 billion Safety

$114.4 Billion - Society Benefits

  • $114.2 billion Passenger value of time
  • $212 million Reduction in carbon dioxide emissions

*Estimated Benefits of NextGen Capabilities 2010 - 2030. Details of NextGen benefit calculations can be found in the "Update to the Business Case for the NextGen based on the Future of the NAS report" (dated July 2016). This chart was updated August 2016.

Fact: NextGen is Working

"We are in the midst of a historic time in aviation and the decisions we make now will define aviation for decades to come."

Michael Huerta Administrator
Federal Aviation Administration