NextGen is Working

NextGen Benefits

The FAA expects NextGen to deliver $147.4 billion in benefits through 2030.

$35.5 Billion - Airline Benefits

  • $9.3 billion fuel savings
  • $26.1 billion reduction in crew and maintenance costs
  • $125 million additional airline flights

$5 Billion - Industry Benefits

  • $1.4 billion FAA efficiencies (e.g. System Wide Information Management)
  • $3.6 billion safety

$107 Billion - Society Benefits

  • $106.7 billion passenger value of time
  • $212 million reduction in carbon dioxide emissions

Does not include $6 billion in achieved and $11.7 billion of future benefits for programs already implemented.

NextGen future benefits are dependent on programmatic progress. The FAA updates benefit projections regularly.

Fact: NextGen is Working

"We are in the midst of a historic time in aviation and the decisions we make now will define aviation for decades to come."

Michael Huerta Administrator
Federal Aviation Administration