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Dekalb-Peachtree Airport (PDK)

Dekalb-Peachtree Airport (PDK) is a medium sized primarily general aviation airport located fifteen miles north, northeast of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.  PDK hosts a high volume of corporate/general aviation jet traffic as well as pilot training operations for approximately ten flight schools based on the field.  There is a robust helicopter community, providing tours of the city, daily traffic watch reports, and primary helicopter flight instruction. The diverse nature of pilot experience and aircraft performance make PDK a challenge for both controllers and pilots. View a printable Pilot Handbook of the PDK information found on this Web page. 


Know Before You Go

  • Runway configuration consists of two closely spaced parallel RWYs with staggered thresholds labeled RWYs 03/21 L and R.
  • RWY 16/34 is an intersecting RWY that crosses both parallel RWYs.
  • Services are primarily located on the west and north sides of the airport.
  • TWY A is parallel to and runs the entire length of RWYs 03/21 L and R.
  • TWYs B and D parallel RWY 16/34.
  • It is possible to confuse a highway with the RWY 03/21 complex. At night, the lights on the highway are much brighter than the lights on the airport.
  • Wrong surface landing potential exists when approaching PDK from the north or northeast and landing on RWY 21 L or RWY 21R.  
  • RWY 21R threshold is staggered by over 2000’ making it possible for pilots to fixate on the first runway that they see.
  • TWY A has also been mistaken for RWY 21R.
  • To enhance situational awareness for areas where RWY confusion may lead to a wrong surface event, the FAA has released an Arrival Alert Notice for PDK. An Arrival Alert Notice provides language with a graphic visually depicting the approach to an airport with a history of wrong surface alignment. See Arrival Alert Notices (AAN).
  • Aircraft approaching RWY 03L or 03R from either downwind or straight-in can expect traffic in the other pattern, because the thresholds are not staggered this means that aircraft on base leg may see traffic in front which may result in a TCAS alert.
  • Since RWY 03R is the primary instrument RWY, aircraft conducting instrument approaches may see close-in traffic for RWY 3L which may also result in a TCAS alert. 
  • RWY centerlines are approximately 500’ apart making it important not to overshoot the turn to final.
  • The PDK Airport Authority has worked for several years to mitigate surface issues and hot spots. RWY and TWY markings, signage and lighting have significantly reduced wrong surface issues.
  • At the approach end of RWY 21R and TWY G, pilots assigned to taxi to RWY 21R via TWY A have missed the hold short line and entered RWY 21R without a clearance.
  • Pilots leaving the run-up area at the juncture of TWY E and TWY A have also missed the hold short line on TWY G and entered RWY 21R.
  • Hot Spot 2 is simply a complex intersection of several taxiways bounded by two RWYs. Pay close attention to aircraft location/taxi route when operating in this area.
  • Hot Spot 3 – Pilots expecting RWY 03R often fail to hold short at RWY 03L.

Below find various PDK-specific information and things to be aware of, as well as general information to inform your preflight planning. This will be reviewed quarterly and updated as needed. This information is to supplement the From the Flight Deck Videos that are produced by the FAA Runway Safety Group. Here you will also find information provided by the local air traffic controllers at the airport where you intend to fly. The information is subject to change. Not for navigation or legal* pre-flight action. Always refer to official pre-flight materials such as, but not limited to, NOTAMs, airport diagrams, VFR charts and airport construction notices for the latest airport-specific details.

PDK Tower Administrative Office
Business Phone 678-495-5230
Open 0800 to1600 – Monday through Friday

Last updated: Monday, February 5, 2024