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AC 23-8C - Flight Test Guide for Certification of Part 23 Airplanes

Document Information

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23-8C - Flight Test Guide for Certification of Part 23 Airplanes

Date Issued
November 16, 2011
Responsible Office
ACE-100,  Small Airplane Directorate

a. This advisory circular (AC) sets forth an acceptable means, but not the only means, of  showing compliance with Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 23 concerning flight tests and pilot judgements. Material in this AC is neither mandatory nor regulatory in nature and does not constitute a regulation.

b. This AC is one method being utilized to achieve national standardization in normal, utility, acrobatic, and commuter category airplanes. This AC applies to Subpart B and various sections under Subparts A, D, E, F and G from § 23.1 through § 23.1589. This AC consolidates existing policy documents, and certain ACs that cover specific paragraphs of the regulations, into a single document.

c. This material is intended as a ready reference for part 23 airplane manufacturers, modifiers, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) design evaluation engineers, flight test engineers, and engineering flight test pilots, including Organization Delegation Option (DOA).

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