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AC 91-70B - Oceanic and Remote Continental Airspace Operations (Cancelled)

Document Information

Oceanic and Remote Continental Airspace Operations
Date cancelled
Cancelled by
Cancellation notes
Canceled per AC 91-70C
Date issued
Office of Primary Responsibility

This advisory circular (AC) contains general information and detailed guidance for operators planning flights in oceanic and remote continental airspace, including authorizations needed for operations outside the continental United States (CONUS). This includes Performance-based Navigation (PBN) and Special Areas of Operation (SAO). The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) revised this AC to focus on the evolving operations in airspace where air traffic control (ATC) provides procedural control. This AC is laid out in a chronological format, beginning with foundational information, followed by information on the training, authorizations, and equipment required to operate most efficiently in this airspace, and finishing with flight planning, flight execution, and contingency operations guidance. Our goal is to provide you with a template to guide you through planning and executing flight operations through oceanic and remote continental airspace. Information related to international operations in specific locales has been removed from this AC due to its transitory nature. Some region-specific information has been incorporated into the North Atlantic (NAT), West Atlantic Route System (WATRS)/Gulf of Mexico/Caribbean, and Pacific (PAC) Resource Guides (NAT PDF, West Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico PDF, and PAC PDF). These online resource guides, along with the FAA Notices to Airmen (NOTAM) Domestic/International, provide the most current information available to pilots, aircraft dispatchers and other operational control personnel preparing for oceanic and international operations.We have also included hyperlinks to many documents, available free or for purchase. The dynamics of oceanic and remote continental airspace operations are such that they are constantly evolving, and it is incumbent on you, the operators, to closely monitor any changes.