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AC 68-1 (Cancelled) - Alternative Medical Qualifications

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68-1 - Alternative Medical Qualifications (Cancelled)

Cancellation Notes
AC 68-1A
Date Cancelled
May 03, 2017
Date Issued
January 09, 2017
Responsible Office

This advisory circular (AC) describes how pilots can exercise student, recreational, and private pilot privileges in certain small aircraft without holding a current medical certificate. It outlines the required medical education course, medical requirements, and aircraft and operating restrictions that pilots must meet to act as pilot in command (PIC) for most Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 91 operations. This AC is intended to be used as a resource for pilots exercising the privileges described in section 2307 of the FAA Extension, Safety, and Security Act of 2016. It is also intended to be a resource for state-licensed physicians who will be providing the required medical examination to those pilots.

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