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AC 20-190 - Aircraft Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification

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20-190 - Aircraft Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification

Date Issued
June 25, 2018
Responsible Office
AIR-600,  Policy & Innovation Division

This advisory circular (AC) identifies SAE Aerospace Recommended Practices (ARP) 60493, Guide to Civil Aircraft electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), dated October 25, 2017, and European Organization For Civil Aviation Equipment (EUROCAE) ED-248, Guide to Civil Aircraft Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), dated January 22, 2018 as recommended practices for showing compliance pursuant to the following Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR):

  • § 23.2500
  • §§ 25.1309(a), 25.1309(e), 25.1353(a), and 25.1431(c)
  • §§ 27.1309(a), and Part 27 Appendix B
  • §§ 29.1309(a), 29.1309(g), 29.1353(a), and 29.1431(b)

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