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AC 25.981-1D - Fuel Tank Ignition Source Prevention Guidelines

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25.981-1D - Fuel Tank Ignition Source Prevention Guidelines

Date Issued
September 24, 2018
Responsible Office
AIR-600,  Policy & Innovation Division

This AC provides guidance for showing compliance with § 25.981, which provides the certification requirements for the prevention of ignition sources, other than lightning, within the fuel tanks of transport category airplanes. (AC 25.954-1 addresses ignition sources due to lightning.) This AC includes guidance for prevention of failure conditions created from ignition sources other than lightning. It describes a means of compliance, using circuit protective devices such as an arc fault circuit breaker (AFCB) or ground fault interrupter (GFI), to provide fail-safe features that have been accepted as showing compliance with § 25.981.

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