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AC 120-123 - Flightpath Management

Document Information

Flightpath Management
Date issued
Office of Primary Responsibility

This AC provides guidance and recommended practices to operators under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) parts 121 and 135, as well as part 142 training centers, in developing operational policies, procedures, and training to support effective flightpath management (FPM). FPM is the planning, execution, and assurance of the guidance and control of aircraft trajectory and energy, in flight or on the ground. FPM provides a unifying framework for operations and training to meet the regulatory requirements in part 121 and its appendices and part 135. Over the past decades, numerous reports, studies, and recommendations have been generated among industry groups, research institutions, and regulators addressing the topic of FPM. FPM topics addressed in this AC include manual flight operations (MFO), managing automated systems, pilot monitoring (PM), and energy management. These topics are required to be trained per the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements in part 121, §§ 121.419 through 121.427 and appendices E and F, and part 135.