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AC 20-148 - Reusable Software Components

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20-148 - Reusable Software Components

Date Issued
December 07, 2004
Responsible Office
This advisory circular (AC) provides one acceptable means of compliance, but not the only means, for reusable software component (RSC) developers, integrators, and applicants to gain: • The Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) “acceptance” of a software component that may be only a part of an airborne system’s software applications and intended functions. • Credit for the reuse of a software component in follow-on systems and certification projects, including “full credit” or “partial credit” for compliance to the objectives of RTCA/DO-178B, Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification. Like all advisory material, this AC is not mandatory and does not constitute a regulation. Because the means of compliance in this AC is not mandatory, the term “must” applies only to the applicants, integrators, and RSC developers who choose to follow the method in this AC.

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