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AC 90-102A - Airspace Flow Program

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90-102A - Airspace Flow Program

Date Issued
May 30, 2008
Responsible Office
AJR-1,  Air Traffic
This Advisory Circular replaces AC 90-102 and provides guidance to customers of the National Airspace System (NAS) regarding changes to the traffic management process for managing flights through a constrained area with an Airspace Flow Program (AFP). In this process, traffic managers identify a constraint in the en route system, develop a real-time list of flights that are filed into the constrained area, and implement an AFP. Pilots need to be aware that an AFP distributes expect departure clearance times (EDCT) in order to meter air traffic demand through the area. Examples of constraints include thunderstorm activity, turbulence, and periods of excess demand. The list of flights includes aircraft that have filed flight plans, filed early intent flight plans, or operate in the constrained area based on historical flight plan data.

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