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United States Department of TransportationUnited States Department of Transportation

AC 120-88A - Preventing Injuries Caused by Turbulence

Document Information

Preventing Injuries Caused by Turbulence
Date issued
Office of Primary Responsibility

This AC provides information and practices that can be used to prevent injuries caused by turbulence.

a. Overall, U.S. air carriers have a superb safety record - one that has improved over time and now ranks among the best in the world. Air carrier incidents are infrequent; accidents are rare; and the risk of injury or death associated with this mode of transportation is very low. In an effort to reduce the chances that someone might get injured in an aircraft encountering turbulence, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the FAA’s Government and industry partners in the Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST) developed the advisory material in this AC. Some of this material responds to investigative work and safety recommendations from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

b. Each of those organizations has called for industry and government to come together to develop guidance to help aircraft operators avoid conditions that cause turbulence and to help aircraft operators minimize risks when aircraft encounter turbulence. Those organizations have further called for the FAA (1) to consolidate strategies and procedures known to be effective in preventing injuries caused by turbulence and (2) to issue guidance for implementation in the operations and training of air carrier flightcrews, flight attendants, aircraft dispatchers, and managers. This AC is the product of the work done by the CAST partners and by certain others working apart from CAST.

Change Title Date

CHG 1 Preventing Injuries Caused by Turbulence

Number Title Date
120-88 Preventing Injuries Caused by Turbulence The purpose of this AC is to provide information and practices that can be used to prevent injuries caused by turbulence 2005-11-01