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AC 00-45G (Cancelled) - Aviation Weather Services (Cancelled)

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00-45G - Aviation Weather Services (Cancelled) (Cancelled)

Cancellation Notes
AC 00-45H
Date Cancelled
November 14, 2016
Date Issued
March 11, 2010
Responsible Office

Aviation Weather Services, Advisory Circular 00-45F,  is published jointly by the National Weather Service (NWS) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This publication supplements its companion manual Aviation Weather, Advisory Circular 00-6A, which documents weather theory and its application to the aviation community. , explains U.S. aviation weather products and services. It details the interpretation and application of advisories, coded weather reports, forecasts, observed and prognostic weather charts, and radar and satellite imagery. Product examples and explanations are taken primarily from the Aviation Weather Center’s Aviation Digital Data Service

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