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Advisory Circulars (ACs)

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Advisory Circulars (ACs) search results
Number Title Status Office Date
61-134 General Aviation Controlled Flight into Terrain Awareness

Highlights the inherent risk that controlled flight into terrain (CFIT) poses for general aviation (GA) pilots.

Active AFS-800 2003-04-01
61-137B Approval of Manufacturer's Required Training Programs

This advisory circular (AC) provides information to organizations providing training in aircraft that contain a training requirement in the limitations section of the Airplane Flight Manual (Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM), Rotorcraft Flight Manual (RFM), etc.).

Active AFS-800 2014-10-31
61-98D Currency Requirements and Guidance for the Flight Review and Instrument Proficiency Check

This advisory circular (AC) provides information for certificated pilots and flight instructors to use in complying with the flight review required by Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 61, § 61.56 and the recent flight experience requirements of § 61.57.

Active AFS-800 2018-04-30
61-83J Nationally Scheduled, FAA-Approved, Industry-Conducted Flight Instructor Refresher Course

This AC provides guidance and recommendations for the preparation and approval of training course outlines (TCO) for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-approved, industry-conducted flight instructor refresher courses (FIRC) in accordance with Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 61, § 61.197(a)(2)(iii).

Active AFS-800 2018-09-13
61-65H Certification: Pilots and Flight and Ground Instructors

This advisory circular (AC) provides guidance for pilot and instructor applicants, pilots, flight instructors, ground instructors, and examiners on the certification standards, knowledge test procedures, and other requirements in Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 61.

Active AFS-800 2018-08-27
61-139 Institution of Higher Education’s Application for Authority to Certify its Graduates for an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate with Reduced Aeronautical Experience

This advisory circular (AC) provides instructions for institutions of higher education on how to obtain authority to certify students who graduate from the institution’s degree program with an aviation major and otherwise meet the requirements of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 61, § 61.160(b), (c), or (d).

Active AFS-800 2013-07-12
61-135A Conversion Process for Pilot Certificates in Accordance with the Implementation Procedures for Licensing as part of the Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement Between the Federal Aviation Administration and Transport Canada Civil Aviation Authority for Pilot Licensing

This advisory circular (AC) provides the procedure and eligibility requirements for a Transport Canada Civil Aviation Authority (TCCA) pilot license holder converting to an Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) pilot certificate and an outline of the procedures and eligiblity requirments for an FAA pilot certificate holder converting to a TCCA pilot license.

Active AFS-800 2015-05-15
61-91J WINGS - Pilot Proficiency Programs

The objective of the WINGS Pilot Proficiency Program is to reduce the number of accidents in General Aviation (GA) by assisting airmen to find educational opportunities designed to help them apply the principles of risk assessment and risk management (RM).

Active AFS-800 2011-02-16
61-107B Aircraft Operations at Altitudes Above 25,000 Feet Mean Sea Level or Mach Numbers Greater Than .75/ with Change 1

This advisory circular (AC) alerts pilots transitioning from aircraft with less performance capability to complex, high-performance aircraft that are capable of operating at high altitudes and high airspeeds.

Active AFS-800 2013-03-29
61-140A Autorotation Training

The purpose of this advisory circular (AC) is to describe enhanced guidelines for autorotations during helicopter flight training.

Active AFS-800 2016-08-31
61-136B FAA Approval of Aviation Training Devices and Their Use for Training and Experience

This AC provides information and guidance for Aviation Training Device (ATD) manufacturers seeking Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval of a basic aviation training device (BATD) or advanced aviation training device (AATD) under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 61, § 61.4(c).

Active AFS-800 2018-09-12