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Advisory Circulars (ACs)

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Advisory Circulars (ACs) search results
Number Title Status Office Date
91-91 Maintaining Public Aircraft

This AC is intended to provide guidance for developing maintenance and inspection programs for aircraft operated as public aircraft.

Active AFS-300 2016-10-19
91-90 Part 91 Approved Inspection Programs

This advisory circular (AC) prescribes the procedures to develop and submit aircraft owner- and operator-specific inspection programs in accordance with an inspection program selected under the provisions of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 91, § 91.409(f)(4), and satisfies the requirements of § 91.409(g) for review and approval by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Active AFS-300 2017-04-05
91-44A Operational and Maintenance Practices for Emergency Locator Transmitters and Receivers - Change 1

Combines and updates material in several Advisory Circulars on the subject of emergency locator transmitters (ELT) receivers for airborne service.

Active AFS-300 1980-12-12
91-59A Inspection and Care of General Aviation Aircraft Exhaust Systems - Change 1

This advisory circular (AC) emphasizes the safety hazards of poorly maintained aircraft exhaust systems (reciprocating powerplants) and highlights points at which exhaust system failures occur.

Active AFS-300 2007-07-23