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United States Department of TransportationUnited States Department of Transportation

Order NG 6980.35 - Technical Center Policy – Equipment Containing Electrolyte (ECE)

Document Information

NG 6980.35
Technical Center Policy – Equipment Containing Electrolyte (ECE)
Date issued
Office of Primary Responsibility
ANG-E3, Nextgen
Access restriction
Order purpose statement

The purpose of this order is to prescribe the requriements for the mangement of Equipment Containing Electrolyte (ECE) within the buildings and laboratory facilities located at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) William J. Hughes Technical Center (WJHTC). The primary objective of this order is to ensure the amount of electrolytes from WJHTC buildings in in compliance with the local safety codes, Internation Building Code (IBC) and International Fire Code (IFC). This order is also to ensure that existing ECE is properly accounted for by the Technical Facilities staff and maintained by the property owner. It addresses the responsibilities of both the owner of the ECE, the Center Operations Division an Laboratory Services Division, through the Infrastructure Management Control Board (IMCB).


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