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Order 6700.20B - Non-Federal Navigational Aids, Air Traffic Control Facilities, and Automated Weather Systems (Cancelled)

Document Information

Non-Federal Navigational Aids, Air Traffic Control Facilities, and Automated Weather Systems
Date issued
Date cancelled
Cancelled by
FAA 6700.20C
Office of Primary Responsibility
AJW-121, Advanced Systems Design Service Team
Access restriction
Order purpose statement

The National Airspace System (NAS) includes thousands of “non-Federal facilities” (i.e. facilities that are owned by entities other than the Federal government). 2. These non-Federal facilities include navigational aids, visual aids, air traffic control facilities, and automated weather systems. 3. This order explains the policies and procedures that the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) Technical Operations “Non-Federal Program” uses to regulate non-Federal facilities. This includes how to establish them, as well as commission, maintain, inspect, takeover, and decommission them. 4. The FAA is authorized to regulate non-Federal facilities under Title 49 of the United States Code (USC), Sub-Title VII, Aviation Programs. The Technical Operations Non-Federal Program operates under that authority. 5. One of the primary ways the program accomplishes its objectives is through this order. Its purpose is to provide standardized guidance throughout the three Service Areas and the nine Regions that comprise the NAS. 

  • FAA Order 6700.20B (PDF)

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Cancelled documents
Number Title Date
6700.20A Non-Federal Navigational Aids and Air Traffic Control Facilities 1992-12-11