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Order JO 7210.77 - Non-Federal Weather Observation Program Operation and Administration

Document Information

JO 7210.77
Non-Federal Weather Observation Program Operation and Administration
Date issued
Office of Primary Responsibility
AJR-B, Flight Services Program Ops
Access restriction
Order purpose statement

This order conveys instructions, standards, and guidance for the administration of the Non-Federal Weather Observation (NF-OBS) Program. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Non-Federal Weather Observation (NF-OBS) program is a component of the National Airspace System (NAS). Non-Federal entities, such as fixed-base operators, airports, state and local governments, and private businesses (NF-OBS Sponsors) provide the resources necessary to ensure the performance of this aviation service. This order provides the procedures and processes for NF-OBS program operation and administration. The procedures set forth in this order apply to all NF-OBS Sponsors and personnel who provide aviation weather observation services. NF-OBS weather observers are required to apply the provisions of this order as it pertains to their observational responsibilities. Observers are required to exercise and apply good judgment when encountering situations that are not covered in this order.


OPR Change:  AJT-21 to AJR-B (09.20.23)


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