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United States Department of TransportationUnited States Department of Transportation

Order 6480.4B - Airport Traffic Control Tower Siting Process

Document Information

Airport Traffic Control Tower Siting Process
Date issued
Office of Primary Responsibility
Access restriction
Order purpose statement

This order establishes requirements for determining site location, tower height and cab orientation of a proposed new, replacement of existing, and modernization of AirportTraffic Control Towers (ATCTs) where the overall structure height is changed. The order also establishes a siting process utilizing the standard Airport Facilities Terminal Integration Laboratory (AFTIL) method or the Alternate Siting Process for qualified candidates. The order further defines a method for reporting and approval of siting activities.

Approval of a siting report does not imply the approval or the availability of funding for the ATCT new/replacement project.

This order does not apply to the siting of temporary or mobile towers. Siting of temporary towers is covered in Order JO 7110.315, Mobile Airport Traffic Control Tower Siting Criteria.

This order does not apply to camera mast/ nest siting for remote tower operations.


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Cancelled documents
Number Title Date
6480.4A Airport Traffic Control Tower Siting Criteria 2006-04-10