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United States Department of TransportationUnited States Department of Transportation

Order JO 6520.10 - Maintenance of FAA VHF Extended Range Network (VERN) Equipment

Document Information

JO 6520.10
Maintenance of FAA VHF Extended Range Network (VERN) Equipment
Date issued
Office of Primary Responsibility
Access restriction
FAA Network Only
Contact information
NASE Technical Documentation
(405) 954-0066
Order purpose statement

 This Maintenance Technical Handbook (MTHB) provides guidance and prescribes technical standards, tolerances, and procedures applicable to the maintenance and inspection of the FAA VERN equipment operating at the RCAG facility in Key West, FL (EYWA). It also provides information on special methods and techniques, which will enable maintenance personnel to achieve optimum performance from the equipment. This information augments information available in Technical Instruction Books (TIBs) and other MTHBs, and complements the latest edition of Order 6000.15, General Maintenance Handbook for National Airspace System (NAS) Facilities.  


This document's content can be accessed only from within the FAA network.

The document's Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) is AJW-153.