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Order JO 7210.634A - Air Traffic Organization (ATO) Quality Control

Document Information

JO 7210.634A
Air Traffic Organization (ATO) Quality Control
Date issued
Office of Primary Responsibility
AJI-0, ATO Safety and Technical Training
Access restriction
Order purpose statement

The purpose of quality control, as defined in the Air Traffic Organization (ATO), is to assess the output (whether a product or service) of a particular process or function and identify any deficiencies, risk, or problems that need to be addressed. Within this quality control concept, it is a primary responsibility to take action, particularly at the Service Delivery Point (SDP), to ensure that these products or services meet the requirements of the SDP and the ATO organizationally. This order outlines the processes and steps used to ensure the quality of products and services provided at the SDP level on an ongoing basis.


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Cancelled documents
Number Title Date
JO 7210.634 Air Traffic Organization (ATO) Quality Control 2011-12-16