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Order AC 3370.6C - Contractor Employee Clearing Procedures

Document Information

AC 3370.6C
Contractor Employee Clearing Procedures
Date issued
Office of Primary Responsibility
AAQ-700, Aeronautical Center Acquisition Services Division
Access restriction
Order purpose statement

This Order provides Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center, hereinafter referred to as the Aeronautical Center, Contractor employee policy and procedures and supplements Acquisition Management System (AMS) Guidance T 3.14.1 A 3.g and the FAA Contractor Employee Off-Boarding Checklist (FAA Form 4400-47). The AMS Guidance, FAA Checklist, and this Order govern such processes as the surrender of accountable property, termination of access to facilities and automated systems, and cancellation of credentials for contractor employees. These documents further define roles and responsibilities for the contractor employee separation/transfer process and implement a standardized separation/transfer process using the FAA Contractor Employee Off-Boarding Checklist and AC Form 3370-2, Contractor Employee Clearance Record (appendix A). Questions about this process should be directed to the Aeronautical Center Acquisitions Division, AAQ-700.


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Number Title Date
AC 3370.6B Contractor Employee Clearing Procedures 2019-11-06