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Order 1100.161B - Air Traffic Safety Oversight

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Air Traffic Safety Oversight
Date issued
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Order purpose statement

This Order establishes roles, responsibilities, and processes for the Air Traffic Safety Oversight Service (AOV), the Air Traffic Organization (ATO), and other Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) organizations directly involved in the provision or safety oversight of air navigation services. This Order also establishes the processes that must be used within the FAA to conduct safety oversight of air navigation service providers consistent with the International Civil Aviation Organization’s standards. To maintain the highest levels of safety, FAA organizations use risk-based, data driven decision making. This Order documents the specific delegation of authority to the Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety (AVS-1), and further redelegation to the Executive Director of the Air Traffic Safety Oversight Service (AOV-1), for safety oversight of ATO and enforcing safety regulations related to air navigation services. AOV-1 will have dual direct reporting to the FAA Administrator and AVS-1.


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Cancelled documents
Number Title Date
1100.161A Air Traffic Safety Oversight 2020-02-28
8000.365A Safety Oversight Circulars (SOC) 2020-05-21