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5100.39A - Airports Capital Improvement Plan

Document Information

5100.39A (Cancelled)
Airports Capital Improvement Plan
Cancellation Notes
FAA Order 5090.5
Date Cancelled
September 03, 2019
Date Issued
August 22, 2000
Responsible Office
APP-520,  Airport Improvement Program Branch
Access Restriction

This order prescribes the development of the national Airports Capital Improvement Plan (ACIP). The ACIP serves as the primary planning tool for systematically identifying, prioritizing, and assigning funds to critical airport development and associated capital needs for the National Airspace System (NAS). The ACIP also serves as the basis for the distribution of grant funds under the Airport Improvement Program (AIP). By identifying and investing in airport development and capital needs, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) can ensure to the American public that the NAS is a safe, secure, and an efficient environment for air travel nationwide.


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