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United States Department of Transportation United States Department of Transportation

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Type Number Title Status Office Date
Notice 8900.661 Qualification and Currency Requirements for an Operations ASI to Perform Job Functions in a Robinson Helicopter Company R-22 or R-44 Helicopter Active AFS-800 2023-06-20
Notice 8900.659 Part 137 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Certification Active AFS-800 2023-06-13
Notice 8900.675 Role of the Flight Standards District Office in Conducting Practical Tests for a Pilot School Seeking Examining Authority Active AFS-800 2023-09-26
Notice 8900.697 Introduction of Aviation Safety Inspector Flight Oversight Positions Active AFS-800 2024-05-20
Notice 8900.686 Specialty Aircraft Examiners Conducting Practical Tests in Experimental Aircraft Active AFS-800 2024-01-10
Notice 8900.688 Issuance of a Pilot Type Rating Active AFS-800 2024-02-07
Notice 8900.680 MEL Approvals Under Part 91, § 91.213(a) and Issuance of LOAs D095 and D195 Active AFS-800 2023-10-16
Notice 8900.682 Qualification Requirements for an Operations ASI to Perform Part 183 Evaluations from an Observer Seat in Aircraft Requiring a Type Rating or Experimental Aircraft Authorization Active AFS-800 2023-11-01
Notice 8900.677 Personnel Authorized to Issue the Logbook Endorsement Required by 14 CFR Part 61, § 61.195(k)(7) and Their Qualifications and Limitations Active AFS-800 2023-10-02
Notice 8900.689 In-Person Requirements and Use of Remote Technology for Administrative Airman Certification Functions Active AFS-800 2024-03-20
Notice 8900.691 Airman Certification Standards and Practical Test Standards for Airmen; Incorporation by Reference Active AFS-800 2024-03-27
Notice 8900.692 Part 141 Ramp Inspection Guidance Active AFS-800 2024-03-29