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United States Department of TransportationUnited States Department of Transportation

Advisory and Rulemaking Committees

Safety Oversight and Certification Advisory Committee (SOCAC)

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Committee Purpose

The SOCAC will provide advice to the Secretary on policy-level issues facing the aviation community that are related to FAA safety oversight and certification programs and activities.

Charter Expiration Date

March 23, 2023

View by Topic

View by Topic
Topic Status Title Type Group Date
Open SOCAC Meeting Agenda - December 2020 Agenda 2020-11-05
Open SOCAC Meeting Agenda - March 29,​ 2021 Agenda 2021-03-21
Open SOCAC Meeting Agenda - September 16,​ 2020 Agenda 2020-08-24
Open SOCAC September 2021 Meeting Agenda Agenda 2021-09-11
Open 2023 SOCAC Charter Renewal Charter 2023-03-24
Open SOCAC Charter ​(Amended) Charter 2020-11-04
Open SOCAC March 2021 Meeting Packet - ​(3-29-2021) Meeting packet 2021-03-25
Open SOCAC Meeting Packet Meeting packet 2021-12-06
Open SOCAC Meeting Packet ​(12-1-2020) Meeting packet 2020-11-25
Open SOCAC Meeting Packet ​(9-16-2020) Meeting packet 2020-09-16
Open SOCAC Meeting Packet - May 2022 Meeting packet 2022-05-20
Open SOCAC Meeting Packet - September 2021 Meeting packet 2021-09-21
Open Workforce Development and Training Report Recommendation 2021-12-14
Open Tasking Notice: Workforce Development and Training Task 2020-10-05
Closed SOCAC Meeting Agenda ​(November 13,​ 2019) Agenda 2019-11-08
Closed SOCAC Charter Renewal ​(March 2021) Charter 2021-10-28
Closed Safety Oversight and Certification Advisory Committee Charter Charter 2022-08-18
Closed SOCAC Meeting Packet - ​(11-13-19) Meeting packet 2019-11-14
Closed SOCAC Federal Register Notice for Nov 13,​ 2019 Meeting Notices 2019-10-28


Federal Aviation Administration
Office of Rulemaking
(202) 267-9677

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