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Advisory and Rulemaking Committees

Safety Oversight and Certification Advisory Committee (SOCAC)

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Committee Purpose

The SOCAC will provide advice to the Secretary on policy-level issues facing the aviation community that are related to FAA safety oversight and certification programs and activities.

Charter Expiration Date

March 25, 2021

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View by Topic
Topic Status Title Type Group Date
Open SOCAC Meeting Agenda - December 2020 Agenda 11/05/2020
Open SOCAC Meeting Agenda - September 16,​ 2020 Agenda 08/24/2020
Open SOCAC Charter ​(Amended) Charter 11/04/2020
Open SOCAC Meeting Packet ​(12-1-2020) Meeting packet 11/25/2020
Open SOCAC Meeting Packet ​(9-16-2020) Meeting packet 09/16/2020
Open Tasking Notice: Workforce Development and Training Task 10/05/2020
Closed SOCAC Meeting Agenda ​(November 13,​ 2019) Agenda 11/08/2019
Closed SOCAC Meeting Packet - ​(11-13-19) Meeting packet 11/14/2019
Closed SOCAC Federal Register Notice for Nov 13,​ 2019 Meeting Notices 10/28/2019


  • Federal Aviation Administration
    Office of Rulemaking
    (202) 267-9677

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