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Advisory and Rulemaking Committees

ACS WG June 1, 2018 Status Report

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ACS WG June 1, 2018 Status Report

Document Type
Task w/ Related Documents
June 01, 2018
2018-06-01 ARAC ACSWG Status Report.pdf (PDF, 328 kB)
Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee (ARAC)
Committee Type
ARAC (2012+) (Active)
Airman Certification System Working Group (ACSWG)
This Working Group is tasked to: - Provide recommendations regarding standards, training guidance, test management, and reference materials for airman certification purposes; - Continuation of ATP, Instructor, and Aircraft Mechanic certificates; - Revisions for Private, Commercial, Remote Pilot certificates and the Instrument Rating; - Added Sport and Recreational Pilot certificates - airplane; and - Added Private, Commercial, ATP, and Instructor certificates and Instrument Rating in additional aircraft categories (Rotorcraft, powered lift, lighter-than-air, glider, etc.