Summer Travel 2022 - Florida Meeting Summary

The FAA’s Command Center works around the clock to keep the system moving safely and efficiently. This year we took additional steps to keep things moving. The FAA had a productive meeting May 3 and 4 with around a dozen airlines, general aviation representatives and associations to find solutions to meet the growing demand in Florida. Participants said demand will continue to increase past 2019 levels.

  • In the short-term, the FAA will share information more frequently about airspace events.
  • The agency will also work with stakeholders to develop a playbook to keep aircraft moving safely when weather, space launches or other events constrain capacity.
  • The FAA will increase the ability for airlines to keep aircraft moving during these events by using alternate routes and altitudes when possible.
  • During the meeting, the FAA asked participants to share anticipated growth at destinations across the country so the agency can prepare to match demand.
  • Because representatives said Florida operations will continue increasing past 2019 levels, the FAA will immediately increase the number of authorized staff at Jacksonville Center and evaluate other Florida facilities.
  • The agency will continue meeting with all users of the Florida airspace, throughout the summer to continually improve the operational efficiency of the system.
Last updated: Monday, June 6, 2022