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Tucson International Airport (TUS)

Tucson (TUS) Long-Term Airfield Changes

Effective November 30, 2023 TUS will close Runway 11R/29L permanently and begin construction of a new south parallel runway and center taxiway. Work is expected to take approximately 2 years to complete, with the new runway anticipated to open in 2026. Additionally, once RWY 11R/29L closes, the runway numbers will be updated to reflect the current magnetic declination of the earth’s poles. Runway 11L/29R will be renumbered to RWY 12/30 and the crosswind runway, RWY 3/21 will be renumbered to RWY 4/22. When completed, the new parallel runway will open as RWY 12R/30L and RWY 12/30 will become RWY 12L/30R.

Airfield changes at TUS airport effective November 30, 2023.
In the days prior to November 30, 2023, and on that day, the Tucson International Airport Authority (TIAA) will change all the signs and markings on the airfield to denote the new numbering. Leading up to and throughout construction you are advised to check the NOTAMs and listen to ATIS closely for closed surfaces and other pertinent operational information. All the approaches will be updated to reflect the new numbering. Also look for possible Letters to Airmen posted on FAA’s NOTAM Search site that may provide additional operational information and cautions.


Last updated: Tuesday, November 7, 2023