Desktop Interface

The digital - Terminal Procedures Publication (d-TPP) is an electronic version of the printed 26 volume U.S. Terminal Procedures Publication (TPP) written on DVD media. Searching, viewing, printing and downloading all of civilian and military (including military HIGH procedures) U.S. terminal procedures in PDF format are possible through d-TPP.

The d-TPP coverage area includes the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii), Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and Pacific Territories.

d-TPP includes

  • Instrument Approach Procedure charts (IAP)
  • Departure Procedure charts (DP)
  • DoD High Altitude IAPs
  • Standard Terminal Arrival Route charts (STAR)
  • Airport Diagrams (AD)
  • Charted Visual Flight Procedure charts (CVFR)
  • Take-Off, Radar, and Alternate Minima textual procedures
  • Legend and General Information pages
  • d-TPP xml Metafile

Each chart or diagram listed above is presented in d-TPP as individual PDF files. The Take-Off, Radar, and Alternate Minima pages, as well as the Legend and General Information pages, are presented as multi-page PDFs covering the particular sections of each of the 26 printed TPP volumes.

d-TPP is only compatible with Windows 2000 and XP Operating Systems.

Please provide the FAA Product IDs with your order for faster service.

Name and FAA Product ID
Product Product ID
Digital Terminal Procedures Publication DTPP

To access d-TPP online visit the Digital Instrument Flight Procedures application.